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Rev. Osbert & Angela Williams


From the borough of Point Fortin came two gifted people in the persons of Rev. Osbert and Angela Williams. Married for twenty-eight (28) years and ministering to the Body of Christ nationally and internationally. Pastor Osbert for forty (40) years and Angela for thirty-four (34) years.  They are the parents of five children - Lemuel, Osanne, Antoinette, Samuel and Beverly and continue to parent many more.


Rev. Osbert and Rev. Angela Williams were elected to pastor the Woodbrook Pentecostal Church in December 2002 and were installed at the church in March 2003. They are ordained ministers with the Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies. Rev. Angela was also ordained by the International Third World Leaders Association.  Before pasturing the Woodbrook Pentecostal church, they pastored the Mt. Hope Worship Tabernacle for thirteen (13) years and constructed the church building in that community to the glory of God.


Pastor Osbert is a graduate of The Eastern Caribbean Institute of Agriculture and Forestry and worked with the Ministry of Agriculture for 24 years, he also lectured at the said Institute for 21 years. They are both graduates of the West Indies School of Theology and recently graduated from the Oxford Graduate School, Tennessee U.S.A with a Master’s Degree in Family Life Education. They are presently pursuing Doctoral studies in the same discipline.


As a couple in ministry, the entire nation and other nations of the world are deeply impacted by their lives and their message. Homes are being restored and relationships are being mended through the teaching and counseling. Pastor Williams powerful delivery of anointed teaching and Angela’s ministry in music brings change of behavior, deliverance and joy to lives.


 Their assignments have taken them to Sri Lanka, Cuba and many Caribbean islands, many States in the U.S.A, London, Canada and Africa. Pastor Osbert’s missionary trips to Malawi and Zambia, Africa involve teaching the nationals to cultivate food crops and marketing of such crops. He is one of the co-ordinators for Uplift International, a missionary organization based in Canada.


Pastor Osbert has authored three books, namely “They All Spake With Tongues (Vol I & II )”, “Effective Parenting”, and co-authored with Angela – “Wisdom Nuggets from the Heart”. Soon to be published is  another book on “Restoring Families”.


Angela is a recording artiste, writer of approximately 70 song titles, publisher, producer and member of 
COTT. She has produced (8) gospel albums namely:


  • Totally Surrendered (1993)
  • Harvest Praise – ELOHIM (1995) – Live Recording, Trinidad.
  • Sing out O Islands of the Sea (produced for Women's Aglow International – Caribbean Region in 1996).
  • Harvest Praise 11 - COVENANT PEOPLE (1998).
  • The Legacy – (Produced in Denver, Colorado.) 2000
  • Roar Lion Roar – 2001
  • LIFE – 2009
  • Finally – for Donna Clyne Thomas, Tortola, BVI

Rev. Angela has authored the book “Knowing The Heart of God Through Worship” and “Woman Influence Your Sphere”.  She is presently completing another book – “Becoming God’s Delight”. Together they host a weekly radio and television program.  Rev. Angela hosts an international worship conference annually - “Harvest Praise”.